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Festival 2022 Bulletin #9

Dear paddlers,

Greetings from New Zealand where we are starting to experience some lovely spring

days. The daffodils are showing their smiley little faces everywhere and the blossoms

are starting to appear on the cherry trees around the parks.

Since the opening of the supporter registrations on the 1st August, the registrations

keep coming in each day. We now have 71 full teams registered plus a number of

supporters and that has taken us close to 2000 registrants in total.

As part of our bid to host the festival we based the estimated number of registrants

at 3000. We are obviously very excited with registrations to date.

No limit to entries

We have been asked if we are limiting entries, the answer is no, however the pressure point is the accommodation. Cambridge has sold out and Hamilton has approx. only 15 rooms

left. Our accommodation partners will be doing another push for extra rooms in

Hamilton approx. a year out from the festival in the hope that they can get more

rooms. They try most weeks to achieve this and manage to pick up a few here and

there, but the rooms that they do get are basically gone as soon as they open

Hamilton back up for sale. 


There is still plenty of availability in Tauranga and Rotorua – Orbit secured additional

rooms in Rotorua a few weeks back (taking advantage of Covid-19 as they know

providers are hurting at the moment) and they can still get more if required. Tauranga and Rotorua are of course just that little bit further out than Cambridge and Hamilton.


We have had some queries about the process for registering. We have added registration instructions to the website to try and make things easier for everyone:

Registration instructions

Registration of teams and composite paddlers closes 31st May 2021.

You will need to enter the names of each participant (paddler/supporter/supporting paddler/child) by the 1st October 2021. Paddling team For full paddling teams (22-26 paddlers), please use the team registration form. This will give you the total amount to pay for your team.

The name of each paddling participant will need to be registered by 1st October 2021 on the 'Individual Participant' form for the goodie bags and name tags.  Supporters To register the number of your team's supporters, please use the supporter/extra paddler form. You will find out how much you need to pay for your supporters. Please use the affiliated team's UI code.  If you have some supporters who want to paddle, please also include them in the supporter/extra paddler registration. Then, register the names of the people who want to paddle, on the 'individual participant' form with the code 'composite' instead of the UI code. This will prompt us to place them in a composite team. If paddlers want to paddle together, please email us with clear instructions.  Less than 22/more than 26 paddlers If you have less than 22, or more than 26 paddlers, we can bring together paddlers from across the globe to paddle in the one team. The friendships that evolve from these composite teams are friendships for life. 1. Please register the number of paddlers (supporter or breast cancer survivors) in the 'Supporters/extra paddlers' registration form. Here you will find out how much to pay in total. 2. Then, because they still need to be added to a team, please register them individually by their name in the individual participant form, with code 'composite' instead of your UI. They will then be placed in a newly created composite team with a new UI. If paddlers want to paddle together, please email us with clear instructions.  Self-formed composite teams Should you wish to form your own composite team then we need to know this as you will need to be acknowledged as a temporary team and given IBCPC members status. As an example let's say my team (Abreast of Life) was only sending 12 paddlers and the team from Blenheim (Simply the Breast) was also only sending 12 paddlers, then the two teams could combine to form a composite team and rename themselves say Simply Abreast Paddlers. They would then apply to IBCPC membership for a temporary membership number, which in turn would give them a unique identifier number for registration. Please advise the organising committee if you wish to do this and we will facilitate this with the IBCPC membership director. Please note that even for composite teams the paddlers must belong to an IBCPC registered member team. Once you receive your UI for your composite team, you can register your team with your new UI in the 'team registration' form. ​

You can find this information on the website as well on the registration page.

We hope this will help you to register the different participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us if anything is not entirely clear.

Paddles up!

The Festival 2022 Committee

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