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Festival 2022 Bulletin #3

Hello paddlers,

Well, what a strange and interesting world we live in right now. We know that you will have heard the words “unprecedented times” over and over on many occasions.

We are fast approaching the 1st June revised registration opening date for the 2022 festival. We have had an incredible number of emails expressing excitement at the upcoming registration. We have also continually been watching the international space and looking at what is happening worldwide with this pandemic.

We are incredibly lucky in New Zealand and also in Australia to have gone into very quick lockdowns and in the words of the NZ Director General of Health, we have in medical community transmission terms, “eliminated” the virus from New Zealand. Eliminated means many different things to many people, but it has given us a great deal of confidence that we are on the right path and that recovery will occur quickly.

We are, however, also very conscious that it is taking longer for some other countries to reach the same point and as such we feel that in order to allow people just a little more time to get their thoughts together and to ensure they have access to banks etc, that we propose to delay the registration opening further by one month to the 1st July 2020. This date will be the team opening registration date, followed one month later by the individual registration dates, this is the same format as previously announced for registration.

We understand how excited many of you are to register and we do apologise to those of you that have told us you are ready, have the funds on hand and are anxiously waiting to register, but please be reassured that we have been in contact with the venue operators, the transport companies, the accommodation providers, and the regional councils with regards to this proposed delay and they are all ready and waiting to take those bookings when they come in.

You will have to contain that excitement for just a little longer so that we can help our sisters and brothers who are not quite ready.

All the very best wishes, stay well and stay safe!

Yours in paddling,

Meri and the NZBCS 2022 Festival team

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