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Festival 2022 Bulletin #2

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Dear paddling buddies and New Zealand BCS 2022 website subscribers,

Well time has marched on much quicker than we thought and we are now at the beginning of autumn in New Zealand, with weather that jumps around from 17C-32C degrees and sunny warm days to slightly cooler days.

The big reminder for you is that it is now only four weeks until registration opens for the festival 2022.

We hope that you have been keeping a close eye on the website, and if so, you will note that we have been updating the FAQs regularly as new questions come to hand from registrants.

We thought it would be fun to update you on the latest developments and to add a few reminders in a Q&A style bulletin. Below are dates and things to think about:

Festival Q&A

Q1. When will individual registration open?

Answer: 1 July 2020.

Q2. Can we register a second team?

Answer: Yes. What you need to do is ensure that you advise us in advance of registration as each team needs to be in our system and they require a unique identifier number.

Q3. When does our team obtain the unique identifier number?

Answer: This number will be given to you after payment has been received for your registration. We are fully aware that with international banking that payment may not come in for a day or two after you have registered, however the date and time of your registration is logged and we will know exactly when you have registered, we will be looking out for your payment.

Q4. Do we just pay the $150 per registrant or are there bank fees also?

Answer: When making your payment you need to ensure that you include any bank fees that are payable at your bank and our bank. Usually there is an option to tick this box on the bank’s payment submission form.

Q5. Can I just bank the money without any detail?

Answer: No, you need to ensure that you put your correct and full team name as it shows on the IBCPC team membership list. If you are uncertain about this please contact us as we have had some teams who have had a slight name change or slightly different names to what we have on our records. We can rectify this, but we cannot do it if we do not have your correct information.

Q6. What is the availability of transport if you are not booked at an official accommodation providers property?

Answer: Yes transport is available but you will have to make your own way to the transport providers allocated pick up spot. For instance if you are staying slightly out of Cambridge in your own accommodation then you will need to make your way into Cambridge to be picked up at an allocated spot.

Q7. This is an interesting question: If a BC paddler is not a member of a breast cancer team, but paddles with another team, for instance a women’s team, can they join in the festival?

Answer: Yes of course, however it does create some difficulties because they need to be associated to a team. They need to talk with us and we will arrange to accommodate their registration.

Q8. When can supporters register?

Answer: The same time as individual paddlers, 1st July 2020 onwards. We will need to know who the supporters are traveling with so that we can ensure that we can organise transport for them.

Q9. When are the balance of payments due?

This information is available on the website


To recap:

The $150 US per person payment is to be made upon registration and the balance to be paid by 1 April 2021 at the latest (earlier is better). We will advise you of the balance due based on whether you were an early bird recipient.

Q10. When are final team names for the team roster due?

Answer: Final names do not have to be provided until approximately three months before the festival. We cannot extend this date as we have to have all of the ID cards printed. There will always be exceptions for late changes.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us on: info@newzealandbcs2022.com

Yours in paddling,

Meri Gibson


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New Zealand BCS 2022

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